2024-2025 ADFM LEADS Fellowship Call for Applications Now Open, Due July 11

The ADFM LEADS Fellowship is designed for those interested in learning more about senior leadership positions in academic family medicine and for those who aspire to become a senior leader in academic medicine or an academically affiliated health system. Chapters may wish to share this with members who: 1) have a clear connection to family medicine in an academic medical center or an academic affiliated health system and 2) have at least 3 years of leadership experience in a position where you have had some responsibility managing personnel and budget and strategic direction. This fellowship is open to physicians and administrators.

The goal of the fellowship is to train pluripotent leaders to have the skills/understanding of a high-level leadership position like a department chair/service line leader and who would also be competitive for other leadership positions beyond the scope of their current role within an academic medical center or an academic affiliated health system. It is designed to be complementary to other programs and to also offer something unique without overlap, with an intent to provide high-level leaders for the discipline.

Some highlights of the program to help you get ready for the next step in your career include:

  • An emphasis on strategic career planning;
  • A cohort-responsive curriculum built around key competencies for family medicine leaders;
  • Small learning communities with weekly fellowship time for webinars, journal club, project check-ins;
  • Mentorship and networking opportunities;
  • An individual project emphasizing an area of personal development.

The cost of participation in the ADFM LEADS Fellowship in 2023 is $9,500. This fee covers all materials and expenses for LEADS Program sessions. It also covers the registration fees for the two ADFM Annual Conferences attended by LEADS Fellows. This does not include additional travel, lodging, and some meal fees.

For an application to be considered complete, candidates need to have:

Completed applications are due by July 11, 2023.