AAFP Reprint: New Tools Available to Support Flu Vaccine Conversations

The American Academy of Family Physicians (AAFP), through a collaborative effort with Sanofi Pasteur Inc., has created two free member resources — an influenza vaccination fact sheet and an influenza vaccination clinical guidance sheet — to assist family physicians during the 2022-2023 flu season.

Members can find both resources under “Supporting Patient Flu Vaccine Conversations” on the AAFP’s Seasonal Influenza Prevention & Control webpage.

These tools are especially important for the 2022-23 influenza season, as immunizations are trending lower than expected and the flu has emerged earlier than usual.

Family physicians can help patients cut through patients’ apathy and confusion about the flu by using the new resources and… 

⎼ Reach out to patients with news about increased incidence of influenza and respiratory illness while COVID-19 is still spreading

⎼  Prompt patients to get a flu shot with efforts including dedicated staff time and flu clinics and

⎼  Extend immunization season through February.