AAFP Resource: The Most Current Info On Student Loan Repayment

The AAFP wants to help navigate the return of student loan repayment. If you need assistance and information, please review the free “How to Prepare for the Return of Student Loan Payments” and “Get the Most Current Info on Student Loan Repayment” webinars presented by AAFP Member Advantage Partners, Laurel Road and SoFi. 

With the federal student loan payment pause officially expiring, student loan interest resumed on Sept. 1 and payments are becoming due in October.

The webinars cover: 

  • Current federal student loan forgiveness updates
  • Student loan payment restart date and details
  • Understanding if you can qualify for student loan forgiveness.
  • How to position your student loans with interest rate uncertainty
  • Should I refinance or explore federal repayment options?

Choose the webinar recording below.

How to Prepare for the Return of Student Loan Payments – from Laurel Road
Get the Most Current Info on Medical Student Loan Repayment – from SoFi