Attending the Medical Association’s House of Delegates? We Need Your Help!

Attending the Medical Association’s House of Delegates? We Need Your Help!

Following a directive from the Georgia Academy’s House of Delegates, we have submitted a resolution seeking the Medical Association to change their policy and advocate to allow international medical graduates to attain their Georgia medical license earlier in their training.  The Georgia Academy believes this will help us retain our residents and ease access in critical access shortage areas – especially in rural communities.  The Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics are co-sponsoring this resolution with us.

We are aware that many family physicians play a leadership role within your county medical societies and encourage you to actively support this resolution and encourage your delegation to vote in favor of the resolution.   Thanks for your assistance.


SUBJECT: Georgia Medical License for International Medical School Graduates
SUBMITTED BY: Georgia Academy of Family Physicians

Whereas, Georgia currently faces a primary care physician shortage especially in rural and inner city areas of the state as demonstrated by many studies; and

Whereas, the number of residency positions in primary care in Georgia is being increased; and

Whereas, it is important to retain as many of these residents trained in Georgia to remain in practice in Georgia to alleviate this shortage; and

Whereas, current statutes of the Georgia Composite Medical Board (GCMB) allow U.S. medical school graduates and international medical school graduates from a board approved list of international medical schools to apply for an unrestricted license following completion of their first year of post graduate training; and

Whereas, international medical students who graduate from medical schools not recognized by the current statutes of the GCMB must wait until completion of their residency to apply for an unrestricted medical license to practice in Georgia; and

Whereas, third year residents obtain experience in potential practice locations outside of their residency responsibilities, therefore medical graduates from non-board approved medical schools do not have these opportunities in Georgia; and

Whereas, this is an impediment to retaining these residents in Georgia and reducing the primary care physician shortage in Georgia; now therefore be it

RESOLVED, that the Medical Association of Georgia advocate allowing international medical school graduates not included in the current statutes of the Georgia Composite Medical Board to apply for an unrestricted medical license following completion of the second year of their residency program.


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MAG Policy

 255.999 IMG Licensing Standards

EC 11/1/1991 MAG opposes the lowering of IMG licensing standards. (Reaffirmed 05/2000;10/5/2008;