Center for Black Women’s Wellness Awarded Community Health Grant to Support “Safety Net Clinic” For Uninsured Atlantans

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) recently awarded the Atlanta-based Center for Black Women’s Wellness (CBWW) a $5,000 Community Health Grant to support their “Safety Net Clinic”  project which provides chronic disease management for uninsured women and men including those with Hypertension, Diabetes, High Cholesterol and Mental Health needs.

GHFA Deputy Director Kara Sinkule (R) recently presented the $5,000 grant award to CBWW Wellness Program Manager April Reid (L).

Annually, CBWW serves approximately 700 uninsured patients through the Safety Net Clinic.  More than 30 patients will benefit from case management services for diabetes and hypertension through this project.  Of these patients, 100% of them are 200% below poverty level and are uninsured.

The overall goal of the “Safety Net Clinic” project is to educate patients by providing them with tools, clinical support, supplies, and case management services. These services assist patients in managing their health by giving them access to educational support, one-on-one clinical visits, and home monitoring tools.

The Center for Black Women’s Wellness is a premier, community-based, family service center in Atlanta committed to improving the health and well-being of underserved Black women and their families.

GHFA is the philanthropic arm of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP). Our nationally recognized Community Health Grant Program exists to support and create momentum in an area of need and provide vital funds for family physician sponsored healthcare projects across Georgia.

Since launching the program in 2012, the Alliance has awarded more than $326,000 in grants statewide. Grant awards are made to GAFP member affiliated community organizations supporting underserved populations and community programs that promote healthy practices. For more information visit or contact Kara Sinkule at