Education and Research

Theresa Jacobs, MD – Chair
Ken Howard, MD – Vice Chair

Membership Committee

Alice House, MD – Chair
Christina Kelly, MD – Vice Chair

Public Health

Angeline Ti, MD- Chair
Dan Singleton, MD – Vice Chair

Finance Committee

John Vu, MD – Chair
Brian Pratt, MD – Vice Chair

PAC Board

Susana Alfonso, MD – Chair
Jeff Stone, MD – Vice Chair

Student and Resident

Julie Dahl-Smith, DO –Chair
Jody Bahnmiller, MD– Vice Chair

Legislative Committee

Chip Cowart, MD – Chair
Casey Henritz, DO – Vice Chair

Practice Management

Christina Douglass, MD – Chair
Sherma Peter, MD – Vice Chair

Georgia Healthy Family Alliance

Mitzi Rubin, MD – President
Harry Strothers, MD–Vice President

Bylaws Committee

Beulette Hooks, MD – Chair
Donald Fordham, MD – Vice Chair



SECTION 9: Advisory Committee.

All past presidents shall become an Advisory Committee to the Board of Directors and shall be considered ex-officio members of the Board with the privilege of the floor, but without the right to vote. (GAFP Bylaws, Chapter 8, Section 9)