Congratulations to the 2016 GAFP Committee Members

Thank you for volunteering!

The following is a list of those who have volunteered to serve on a GAFP Committee this year as of January 11, 2016.  If you are interested in being on a committee and have not yet signed up, please contact Alesa McArthur at or 1-800-392-3841 for assistance. 

Committees are limited to 15 members, including 1 resident and 1 student per committee.  Members are chosen by the President to serve on one committee in order to offer more positions to more members.  Committees currently with some availability are: Bylaws, Finance, and the Membership Committee.

In addition, two work groups for specific projects have been created: the State Legislative Work Group, and an educational work group for the annual meeting.  These do not have size limits and members on other committees may serve on these.

Our first Committee Conclave is March 5-6, 2016 in Pine Mountain, GA at Callaway Gardens.

Bylaws Committee

Chair: Alice House MD

Donald Fordham MD

Chip Cowart MD

Leonard Reeves MD

Education & Research Committee                                                          

Chair: Susana Alfonso MD

Vice Chair: Gurinder Doad MD

Karla Booker MD

Mike Busman MD

Angelina Cain MD

Audra Ford MD

Ken Howard MD

Theresa Jacobs MD

Riba Kelsey-Harris MD

Carl McCurdy MD

Yuan-Xiang Meng MD

Adrienne Mims MD

Jada Moore-Ruffin MD

Oguchi Andrew Nwosu MD

Harry Strothers MD

Finance Committee                                                       

Chair: Jeff Stone MD

Vice-Chair: Sharon Rabinovitz MD

Folashade Omole MD

Beverley Ann Townsend MD

Resident Member: Sunaina Jhurani MD

Legislative Committee                                                 

Co-Chair: Bruce LeClair MD

Co-Chair: Rick Wherry MD

Samuel “Le” Church MD

Bernie Cohen MD

Mitch Cook DO

Donald Fordham MD

Wayne Hoffman MD

Sabry Gabriel MD

Andrea Juliao MD

Thaddeus Lynn MD

Howard McMahan MD

Gena Marie Mastrogianakis MD

Wilhelmina Prinssen MD

Resident: Evelyn Campbell-Bayaan MD

Student: Joey Krakowiak

Membership Committee                                                            

Co-Chair: James Hagler MD

Co-Chair: Tom Fausett MD

Vice Chair: Ivy Smith MD

Kelly Vlass Culbertson MD

Nicole Haynes MD

Beulette Hooks MD

Sylveria Olatidoye MD

Monica W. Parker MD

George Shannon MD

Resident: Phil Carter MD

Practice Management Committee                                                          

Chair: Steve Wilson MD

Vice Chair: Michael Satchell MD

Sharmin Banu Anam MD

Cedrice Davis MD

David Fieseler MD

Jairaj Goberdhan MD

Michael S. Jackson MD

Sean Lynch DO

Shameka Hunt McElhaney MD

Thomas W. McNamara MD

Vera A. Reaves MD

Eddie Richardson MD

Collyn Steele MD

Resident: Peggy Bourguillon MD

Student: Ashruta Patel

Public Health Committee                                                           

Chair: David Westfall MD

Vice Chair: Sherma Peter MD

Chinyere Daisy Anyakudo MD

Denise Crawley MD

Ellie Daniels MD

Lynn T. Denny MD

Jay W. Floyd MD

Ambar Kulshreshta MD

Jessica L. Malmad MD

Brian Nadolne MD

Isioma Okwumabua MD

Lisa Marie Rosa Re MD

Jose M. Villalon-Gomez MD

Resident: Erskine Hawkins MD

Student: Alayna Maria Collier Dukes

Student and Resident Committee                                                          

Chair: Julie Dahl-Smith DO

Vice Chair: Kevin Johnson MD

Cecil Bennett MD

Michelle Cooke MD

Carmen Echols MD

Emily Herndon MD

Ifeoma Nnaji MD

Shikha Shah MD

Charles Sow MD

John Vu MD

Resident: Chetan Patel MD

Resident: Amethyst W. Wilder MD

Student: Kristin Kettelhut

Student: Lara Smith

Student: Candace Markley

State Legislative Work Group assists the Legislative Committee during the legislative session: 

Sabry Gabriel MD

Thaddeus K. Lynn MD

Gena Marie Mastrogianakis MD

Brian Nadolne MD

Wilhelmina Prinssen MD

Mitzi Rubin MD

Harry Strothers MD

Residents: Peggy Bourguillon MD

Sunaina Jhurani MD

Chetan Patel MD

Amethyst W. Wilder MD

Students: Kristin Kettelhut

Joseph Krakowiak

Candace Markley

The Annual Meeting work group will assist the Education and Research Committee with the annual meeting and these GAFP members plan to give their time:

Sharmin Banu Anam MD

Kelly Vlass Culbertson MD

Monica W. Parker MD

Charles Sow MD

Thank you to all volunteers this year and remember, if you want to join a committee or work group, there is still room for YOU!