Congratulations Floyd Family Medicine Residency on PCMH Level 3!

The Georgia Academy would like to recognize Floyd Family Medicine Residency on successful renewal of their PCMH recognition and achievement of Level 3.   As one of the original practice members from the first cohort of PCMH University in 2010, Floyd Family Medicine Residency embodies the commitment to continued transformation and advancement of Patient-centered care in Georgia.  Initiating PCMH transformation is an arduous task for any practice.  Floyd FMRP has not only completed their initial task, but has also sustained transformation over the past three years and successfully incorporated NCQA’s updated requirements for PCMH 2011 recognition.  We are proud to see our initial PCMH University Graduates continue their transformation journey.  Thank you for your continued commitment to advance patient-centered family medicine in Georgia.

PCMH University Graduates:  Have you recently renewed your PCMH recognition?  WE want to celebrate your success!  Email your recognition status to Samantha Cochran, Director of Practice Enhancement –

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