Congratulations to the Medical College of Georgia’s Family Medicine Interest Group!

Every year the Georgia Academy recognizes an outstanding Georgia Medical School FMIG Club for their work to increase interest in Family Medicine. Each applicant is judged on how the club advocates for Family Medicine and Community Outreach to Patients; how the club operates and funds programming; and membership involvement and retention.

For 2015, the Georgia Academy is pleased to announce that the FMIG Club at the Medical College of Georgia Augusta won this $1000 award. The club excelled this year for many reasons.  For example, some of their major activities included planning Tar Wars events at local elementary schools, hosting an annual residency fair, and encouraging enrollment in the AAFP at all FMIG sponsored events.  The group also organizes workshops for procedural practice for work in their student run clinics and hosts faculty and resident panels for learning about the various opportunities afforded to family medicine physicians.

Again, congratulations to an outstanding club!  The GAFP looks forward to hearing more about their work in furthering the cause of family medicine in years to come.