Congratulations to our new Resident Board Members

Congratulations goes out to Drs. Sarah Codrea (Albany), Daniel Gordon (Savannah) and Chetan Patel (Columbus) who the GAFP residents have elected as their 2016 representatives to the Board of Directors.

Dr. Codrea comes from the Southwest Georgia Family Medicine Residency Program in Albany and recently moved from Pennsylvania as she completed medical school in Philadelphia.  She plans to remain in Georgia upon graduation from her residency.  She has always been involved in various special interest groups, advocacy programs, and leadership roles throughout undergrad, post-undergrad working for 8 years, and then in medical school.  She will serve as an Alternate Director in 2016 and a Director in 2017.

Dr. Gordon is at the Memorial Health University Medical Center in Savannah.  He would like to work on motivating family medicine (and other primary care residents) to remain and practice in Georgia.  Previously, he served on the GAFP Board as a Student Director.  Dr. Gordon will serve as the Alternate Resident Director (one year term).

Dr. Patel is at the Columbus Family Medicine Residency Program and states, “Residency training is arguably the most formative time of our careers.”   Dr. Patel is deeply passionate about improving the resident experience. He will serve as the Resident Board Director (one year term).

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Board of Trustees welcomes Emory University Family Medicine Resident Dr. Sunaina Jhurani (PGY2)  to a two year term on the Alliance board. Dr. Jhurani is also a former T.A. Sappington Award winner. Dr. Jhurani will serve as a liaison for her peers regarding GHFA projects including Tar Wars and the Community Health Grant Program.

Congratulations to these stars in our family medicine residency program!