COVID-19 Vaccine Commercialization Transition Guide – Update from Georgia Department of Public Health

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) recently released its COVID-19 vaccine Commercialization Transition Guide. Highlights from this guide include:

The next vaccine to be released will be a monovalent XBB.1.5 strain vaccine. Anticipated availability is mid to late September 2023.

These will be the first vaccines available directly from the manufacturers as part of the commercial market. They will not be paid for and distributed by our federal partners.

It is anticipated the current ordering and distribution process for COVID-19 vaccines will end on August 3, 2023. After this date, vaccine orders and ancillary supplies will no longer be accepted through the current ordering process (VMS in Georgia). In rare instances, GA DPH will be able to request additional vaccines from our federal partners. Clinicians are asked to review your current inventory and assess vaccine needs to cover your facility from August 2023 through September 2023.

Pending FDA decision (expected mid to late September). Amendments will be made to Emergency Use Authorizations and Biologics License Applications and HHS will discontinue distribution of the current COVID-19 vaccine composition (bivalent products).

The new monovalentXBB.1.5 vaccine will be available across all age groups with the traditional pathways for ordering and receiving vaccine supply (private vaccine purchase or request through the Vaccines for Children, Adult Vaccine, or new HHS Bridge Access programs) pending FDA decision, ACIP and CDC recommendation, and manufacturer readiness.

Updated recommendations for all age groups are expected in mid to late September. Clinicians should be able to resume vaccine ordering shortly thereafter.

As we prepare for these transitions, clinicians must continue to adhere to all requirements outlined in the COVID-19 Vaccination Program Clinician Agreement, including proper storage and handling, administration, and reporting practices. Please assure your vaccine coordinators are reviewing and updating vaccine inventory information a minimum of once per week to Vaccine Finder. Doses listed in Vaccine Finder, should match your physical vaccine inventory by close of business each Friday. Clinicians should also assure all expired and wasted vaccines are removed from Vaccine Finder, VMS, GRITS, and physical storage units and properly disposed of as biomedical waste to prevent vaccine administration errors.

For questions or assistance related to how to best prepare for this transition or reporting vaccine inventory and doses administered data, please contact our office at:

Thank you as always for your assistance as we head into this transitional period together.