Donate to GAFP Political Action Committee

GAFP PAC is the political action committee of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians. GAFP PAC helps our members interested in furthering the goals and objectives of family physicians to collectively support candidates for public office in Georgia who are interested in and supportive of issues which promote health care and family medicine.


Contributions are not tax-deductible. GAFP PAC donates to candidates for state-level offices. There is no limit on how much an individual can contribute to the GAFP PAC.

Statewide Impact

Your personal donations to individual candidates are valuable but localized, whereas GAFP PAC membership has a statewide scope and is the most effective use of your dollars for candidates who support the values of family medicine.

GAFP PAC Does Not Buy Votes

The GAFP has spent many years establishing itself as a trusted, competent source for input on legislation that effects healthcare and public health. A PAC is a logical extension of the GAFP’s commitment to that principal. It also shows family physicians’ serious commitment to fully participating in the political process.

GAFP PAC is Nonpartisan

Each candidate’s commitment to the values of family medicine determines the support from the GAFP PAC, regardless of the candidate’s political party.

Dues Aren’t Enough

Election laws prohibit the use of membership dues for donations to political candidates. Your GAFP dues guarantee government affairs specific to family medicine and free and low-cost CME designed specifically for family physicians. GAFP PAC membership provides political credibility for family physicians.