DPH Flu Vaccine Update

Information Reprinted from December’s Vaccines for Children’s Newsletter

2023-2024 Flu Pre-book

The 2023-2024 Flu Pre-book release date has recently been updated to December 9, 2022 and will remain open for providers until January 17, 2023. Please look for correspondence with the link to the form and plan accordingly for your upcoming 2023-2024 flu season.

FluMist Quadrivalent Replacement Program

If you ordered FluMist Quadrivalent doses from the state this season (2022-2023), we would like to inform you of the FluMist Quadrivalent Replacement Program. The Replacement Program allows for the replacement of unused, expiring FluMist Quadrivalent doses, at no cost, to help you maximize product usage opportunities. AstraZeneca has contracted with McKesson Specialty Health (MSH) for implementation of this Replacement Program.

Eligibility Guidelines:  

⎼ Doses must have been received by the state. Private doses are NOT eligible for the FluMist® Quadrivalent Replacement Program for CDC. 

⎼ Product expiration date must be on or before January 31, 2023. AstraZeneca will replace expired doses of FluMist® Quadrivalent while supplies last.

⎼ ​Requests can be made starting at 7AM CST on 12/1/2022, through 01/31/2023, at 7:00PM CST.

Detailed Instructions: 

1. Contact the FluMist® Quadrivalent Replacement Program for CDC by e-mail (flumistreplacement@mckesson.com) or phone (1-877-633-7375) and provide the number of doses you need replaced, how many boxes you will need shipped, and your Provider Identification Number (PIN). 

2. Follow all instructions as provided by McKesson Specialty Health (“MSH”) to send the expiring doses to the MSH Distribution Center. 

3. Pack the expired/expiring doses as instructed by MSH and have them ready to ship or be picked up by the carrier the following business day. Expired doses of FluMist® Quadrivalent do not have to be returned cold. 

4. Doses will be replaced in increments of 10. Therefore, the minimum number of doses that can be replaced is 10 doses. Doses from multiple eligible lot #’s can be used to achieve a multiple of 10. Doses received that are less than a multiple of 10 will be rounded down to the nearest 10. 

5. Once the doses arrive at the MSH distribution center they will be validated against your initial request. (a.) If the doses received match the request, replacement doses will ship within 72 business hours. (b.) If the doses received are in excess of the request, only replacements doses that were initially requested will be shipped within 72 business hours. (c.) Additional doses received in excess of the request will not be replaced. (d.) If the doses received are less than requested, only the doses received (rounded down to the nearest multiple of 10) will be replaced. 

6. Requests for replacement of expiring doses may be made no more than 15 days prior to the expiration date stamped on the sprayer. 

7. All expired/expiring doses must be received by McKesson by Wednesday, February 15, 2023. Replacement product will not be shipped until expired/expiring doses are received. Any doses received after February 15, 2023, will not be replaced.