Family Physicians-Advocating for Our Practice and our Patients

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My name is Mitzi Rubin, MD and I’m a mom with two young boys, a wife to a great husband, a growing family medicine practice in Marietta and a diehard Georgia Bulldog!  I’m also the president of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians and a supporter of the Georgia Academy’s Political Action Campaign (PAC).

You might not think of me as the typical supporter of political campaigns – but I know how important it is for the Georgia Academy to have legislators who understand the importance of a strong workforce of family physicians in our state.   I was a typical physician and assumed that other people, those out in practice longer than me or with less medical education debt- were always giving. But I was wrong, only 4% of our active membership donated to our PAC last year. Now I realize just how important giving to our PAC is!

Let’s help increase that percentage this year. A $100 donation is equal to about 27 Cents a day! The best quarter a day I have ever spent!   I would appreciate your taking time to consider making a contribution to our PAC.

A few facts about our PAC that you might be unaware of:

  • 100 percent of your donation will go to support candidates who are friendly to family medicine.  None of the PAC money collected go to offset GAFP’s advocacy activities.
  • If all of our active members donated $100, our PAC would outpace the lawyers, chiropractors and most other state political committees.
  • Our GAFP PAC is our voluntary family medicine PAC provides Georgia family physicians a strong voice in the Georgia state legislature and helps the Academy in its efforts to impact both health policy and the overall practice environment.
  • Our PAC is non-partisan and gives to candidates who are knowledgeable about family medicine and interested in the needs of our patients.

Please click here to make a donation now:


Your PAC Dollars at Work –

·         Increase Medicaid reimbursement.

·         Prohibit further expansion of other providers and disciplines into primary care’s scope of practice.

·         Thwart regulations that add to administrative overload and impede patient access to quality care.


Thanks for your help and support.


Mitzi B. Rubin, MD, FAAFP

Chapter President