Family Resource Center of Northeast Georgia Awarded Community Health Grant For ‘Prevent Child Abuse Habersham’ Project

By Kara Sinkule, Deputy Executive Director, Georgia Healthy Family Alliance

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA), the philanthropic arm of the  Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP), recently awarded Clarkesville-based Family Resource Center of Northeast Georgia a $5,000 Community Health Grant to support their “Prevent Child Abuse Habersham” project which provides parenting classes, in-home visits and resources for underserved pregnant teens and young mothers in Northeast Georgia.

The overall goal of the “Prevent Child Abuse Habersham” project is to provide support, education, and advocacy for teen mothers so that the children within their homes receive immunizations, check-ups and meet developmental markers. By providing parenting education and resources to these underserved new mothers, the project will help ensure the children receive nurturing care from their family that will lead to a healthy, long and successful life.

Since launching the Community Health Grant Program in 2012, the Alliance has awarded more than $565,000 in grants statewide. Current GAFP members including medical students, residents and active/life members are eligible to apply for grants on behalf of GAFP member-affiliated community organizations that support program priorities, including underserved populations and community projects that promote healthy practices.

The GHFA nationally recognized Community Health Grant Program exists to support and create momentum in an area of need and provide vital funds for family physician sponsored health care projects across Georgia. For more information, or to view a list of previously funded grant projects, visit