GAFP Membership Update

GAFP Membership May 2015

Number               Percent

Active                    1,600                     55.3%

Students                 959                      33.1%

Residents               165                        5.7%

Life                         152                       5.25%

Inactive                    11                        .005%

Supporting               10                        .003%

Total                      2,897

Thank you for your support GAFP Members!

Breakdown by Member Type

April, as usual, was a busy time for the membership push for your GAFP staff!  May 1 is the deadline for paying 2015 dues (or signing up for the installment plan) and reporting CME, so we were busy reaching out to make sure that all members stay current.  Again this year, staff tried new ways to reach out to members, targeting specific member segments.  This technique seemed to be quite successful as we ended up with 38 fewer dropped members than last year.  We thank all of you for responding to our emails, texts, letters, faxes and phone calls.

GAFP member numbers ended up strong with a total of 2,897 members, which was a gain of 106 members.  Of these approximately 1,600 are active physicians, which is a 4 percent increase over last year’s active physician numbers.  This continues to be about a 94 percent market penetration in our state of all family physicians that are eligible to be a member.

In comparison, membership in other states is interesting to note.  The North Carolina Chapter has about 3,800 members, 2,400 of them being active physicians.  South Carolina has approximately 1,750 members and 1,200 of them are categorized as active.  Across the country, while California has about 9,000 members, only approximately 50 percent of the eligible family physicians are members of their state academy.

Membership in the AAFP overall is at 120,900, a 4% increase over last year making the Academy the second largest subspecialty physician membership organization in the United States, trailing only the American College of Physicians.

Thanks to all of you for your membership and the tireless work that you do in keeping your Academy strong!

If you would like to discuss anything membership related, please contact our Chief Operating Officer Alesa McArthur at the GAFP office, (800) 392-3841 or