GAFP Welcomes Newly Inaugurated Members to the 2023 Board of Directors

In November, the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians (GAFP) had the privilege of swearing in new leaders to its Board of Directors and appointing Committee leadership for 2023.  Please welcome GAFP’s 2023 volunteer leaders.

2023 Board of Directors – Newly Inaugurated

President – Sharon Rabinovitz, M.D. ~ Atlanta

Board Chair – Susana Ajoy Alfonso, M.D. ~ Atlanta

President-Elect – Samuel “Le” Church, M.D. ~ Hiawassee

Secretary- Michael Busman, M.D. ~ Americus

COD Speaker – Monica Newton, D.O. ~ Gainesville

COD Vice Speaker – Elvan Daniels, M.D. ~ Fayetteville

AAFP Delegate – Angeline Ti, M.D. ~ Atlanta

AAFP Alternate Delegate – John Gerguis, M.D. ~ Statesboro

Director – District 2 – Michael Sein, D.O. ~ Albany

Director – District 5 – Paul Chukelu, M.D. ~ Mableton

Director – District 8 – Jonathan Wade, D.O. ~ Nashville

Alternate Director – District 1 – Angie Gerguis, M.D. ~ Statesboro

Alternate Director – District 2 – Shaun Franklin, M.D. ~ Albany

Alternate Director – District 4 – Casey Henritz, D.O. ~ Atlanta

Alternate Director – District 5 – Cedrice Davis, M.D. ~ Marietta

Alternate Director – District 8 – Richard Wheeler, M.D. ~ Nashville

Alternate Director – District 9 – Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, M.D. ~ Gainesville

Alternate Director – District 11 – D-Amico Johnson, M.D. ~ Atlanta

2023 Committee Leadership

Education and Research Committee – Chair, Theresa Jacobs, M.D. and Vice Chair, Ken Howard, M.D.

Finance Committee – Chair, Jon Vu, M.D. and Vice Chair, Brian Pratt, M.D.

Legislative Committee – Chair, Chip Cowart, M.D. and Vice Chair, Casey Henritz, D.O.

Membership Committee – Chair, Alice House, M.D. and Vice Chair, Christina Kelly, M.D.

Practice Management Committee – Chair, Christina Douglass, M.D. and Vice Chair, Sherma Peter, M.D.

Public Health Committee – Chair, Angeline Ti, M.D. and Vice Chair, Dan Singleton, M.D.

Student and Resident Recruitment Committee – Chair, Julie Dahl-Smith, D.O. and Vice Chair, Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, M.D.

Bylaws Committee – Chair Beulette Hooks, M.D. and Vice Chair Donald Fordham, M.D.

GAFP PAC Board – Chair, Susana Ajoy Alfonso, M.D. and Vice Chair, Jeff Stone, M.D.

The GAFP is proud to welcome its new Board members and Committee Chairs/Vice Chairs. Thank you to the volunteer leaders who take the time to serve on work groups, committees, and the Board of Directors. GAFP is strong because of the volunteer efforts of its members.