Georgia Academy Leaders Invade Kansas City!


The Georgia delegation was over 15 strong at the AAFP’s Annual Chapter Leadership Forum and the National Conference for Constituency leaders the last week in April.  These two meetings, held concurrently, together form the AAFP’s premier policy and development event for chapter-elected leaders, aspiring leaders, and chapter staff.  Thank you to the following Georgia leaders who took time away from their families and practices to attend the meeting:

Susana Alfonso, MD, Cecil Bennett, MD, Karla Booker, MD, Samuel “Le” Church, MD, Samantha Cochran, Chip Cowart, MD, Julie Dahl-Smith, DO, Fay Fulton, Wayne Hoffman, MD, Beulette Hooks, MD, Evelyn Lewis & Clark, MD, Brian Nadolne, MD, Chetan Patel, MD, Leonard Reeves, MD, Mitzi Rubin, MD,  and Raul Zambrano, MD.