Georgia Academy Member Seeks to Form an Obstetrics Member Interest Group – But Needs Your Help

The AAFP has multiple member interest groups that meet online and annually at AAFP’s FMX.  GAFP leader, Dr. Zita Magloire, has identified a need for a new interest group and is seeking interested members so she can complete the AAFP application (she needs 50 AAFP members to assist).  The group would be focused on those with a strong interest in OB and are working towards improving opportunities for training and privileging for FPs doing OB. This group differs from the reproductive health interest group, because the issues surrounding OB, and to a greater extent, surgical OB, are unique and members interested in women’s health or reproductive health may not also be interested in OB.

If you are supportive of the formation of the AAFP OB interest group, please email Dr. Magloire ( with your first and last name and AAFP member number.  She needs to show the AAFP that there is an interest among a large group of members (minimum of 50) to trigger the formation of a new group.  She recently attended the AAFP’s National Conference of Constituency Leaders and has collected a variety of members from many other chapters as well.

Current AAFP MIGs

Adolescent Health: Foster collaboration, communication, and support among family physicians engaged in adolescent health.

Community Health: Forum for providers interested in the intersection of primary care and public health.

Direct Primary Care: Increase awareness of the DPC model among family physicians and advocate for members currently practicing in this model or anticipate transitioning to it.

Emergency Medicine/Urgent Care: Promote workforce policies, educational goals, and credentialing standards consistent with the AAFP policy on family physicians in emergency medicine.

Global Health: Facilitate professional development in global health and opportunities for engagement in the broader global health movement.

Hospital Medicine: Serve as a voice for family physicians that practice hospital medicine. Advocate for educational resources specific to hospital medicine.

Independent Solo/Small Group Practice: Represent the interests of members who practice in independent solo and small group practices. Advocate policies that enable independent solo and small group practices to deliver the highest quality of care while remaining financially viable.

Lifestyle Medicine: Increase networking opportunities for members who have a passion to improve health through the focus on healthy lifestyle and foster communication and dialogue on debates in nutrition, fitness and other self-care areas.

Oral Health: Increase awareness of oral health resources for members so that they might serve their patients better and improve their overall wellness.

Point-of-Care Ultrasound: Work to improve access to education and resources to help incorporate Point-of-Care Ultrasound (POCUS) into family physician’s practices and advocate for related education in medical school and family medicine graduate medical education.

Reproductive Health Care: Promote evidence based reproductive health care in family medicine.

Rural Health: Grow connections among members with a distinct interest in rural health, inclusive of rural practice topics and rural medical education issues.

School Doctor: Provide peer support and serve as a resource for family physicians who work with schools.

Single Payer Health Care: Investigate the current outlook on single payer financed health care among members. Educate members on the ability of single payer financed health care to streamline and simplify patient care and improve family physicians’’ professional satisfaction by greatly decreasing administrative complexities and burdens.

Telehealth: Provide education and support for the family medicine community on the many facets of Telehealth with a view toward enriching the practice of medicine and patient care.

Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative: Serve as a resource for members interested in practice enhancement and the activities of the Transforming Clinical Practice Initiative (TCPI).  Establish a collaborative learning and problem-solving environment focused on practice enhancement.

To join a MIG visit review the list of MIGs and click “Visit the Online Community” for those MIGs that interest you.