Georgia Academy Supports Puerto Rico Colleagues

The Georgia Academy leadership has voted to support efforts being led by a small cadre of Family Physician leaders with a $1,000 donation to purchase generators and other supplies for Family Physicians in Puerto Rico. The donations will help to get their offices open to support the growing needs of their patient population after the devastation of the recent hurricane.

AAFP leader Dr. Kim Yu initiated working with relief groups to get supplies to Puerto Rico. In late September, she began rallying the troops to donate funds specifically to purchase generators to power the clinics and offices of PRAFP members. The first of the generators should arrive in Puerto Rico in early October.  With government officials saying that much of the island could be without power for 4-6 months, they are in dire need.

This funding is being collected by the Indiana Academy’s Foundation.  They have set up an information page, which shows a running tally of donations and generators purchased.

The goal is sixty generators purchased – one for each year that the PRAFP has been serving Puerto Rico citizen.  Dr. Yu is featured explaining how this outreach work began: Here she is telling the story.