The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Awards $24,719 in Second Cycle Community Health Grants to Support Local Health Projects

Third Cycle Grant Application Deadline is July 9th

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) awarded five Community Health Grant Award applicants $24,719 in second cycle 2018 grants.  Grant awards were made to GAFP member affiliated community organizations that support GHFA program priorities including underserved populations and outreach programs. The application deadline for third cycle 2018 grants is July 9, 2018.

Visit  for more information or to download the application. 2018 Second Cycle Community Health Grant Recipients are

“Get Fit and Be Healthy Project for Adults with Developmental Disabilities” $5,000 Sponsored by: Andrea Videlefsky, MD Marietta

Over the past year, the Adult Disability Medical Home has expanded their patient population to include multiple complex developmental disabilities including Autism, Fragile X, Microcephaly, and Cerebral Palsy. The Get Fit and Be Healthy Project which includes group visits, nutrition, exercise and health education has proven successful in providing health and nutrition information with 78% of patients losing weight. In concert with ADMH medical and team services, the goal is to expand this piloted program focusing on issues of health and wellness.  The 2018-2019 program will expand to serve between 12 – 16 individuals and their caregivers. Emphasis will be placed on promoting health and wellness resources through a website thereby increasing the number of people reached.

“Hearts & Hands Clinic Lab Tests” $5000 Sponsored by: Brian DeLoach, MD Statesboro 

The Hearts & Hands Clinic provides free medical and dental care to Bulloch County residents who are uninsured, ineligible for Medicaid and Medicare, and who live at or below 200% of the Federal Poverty Guideline. In 2017, it provided 2,411 appointments covering primary medical care, dental, vision, women’s clinic, men’s clinic, specialty referrals, lab draws, blood pressure checks, prescription assistance, and educational classes.  Each new patient requires basic lab tests which are repeated on an annual basis. Based on the results, many patients require follow up tests to determine their diagnosis and course of care. Because of this, lab fees comprise a considerable percentage of the budget. The clinic is requesting $5,000 to fund basic lab tests for

patients at their intake appointment and again annually. Funds will also cover specialized lab tests performed as needed.

“Lakeside High School Care Closet” $4779 Sponsored by: Sharon Rabinovitz, MD Tucker

Lakeside High School is a diverse school located in metro-Atlanta. Over 35% of the students receive free/reduced lunch: With a school population of approximately 2300 students, this amounts to over 800 students. The number of students who would qualify for the free/reduced lunch designation is believed to be higher. Anecdotal evidence supports the fact that because some students choose not to eat lunch at school and never have completed the meal application due to barriers. These additional students may be the ones most in need of additional nourishment and support, as they do not have access to nutritious meals during the day. In addition to daytime nutritional needs, Lakeside High School has students who are living in poverty, including homeless students.  Those students, who may eat breakfast and/or lunch at school through the free/reduced meal program, may have limited access to food, toiletries and other basic human needs upon leaving campus each afternoon.

The “Care Closet” will be stocked with items to support student physical/mental health and achievement. We provide students with access to healthy snacks and easy-to-make meals, including protein bars, peanut butter crackers, fruit cups, canned soup and tuna kits. Students may take items for school-day use, in addition to items they may need to supplement their nutrition after school. In addition, the closet holds various personal hygiene supplies to further positively support student health (i.e. dental, feminine hygiene and personal care products).

“Safety Net Clinic Case Management Project” $5000 Sponsored by: Adrienne Mims, MD Atlanta

The program will provide primary care to approximately 400 uninsured patients annually and will provide case management services to approximately 30 patients with diabetes. Based on

The Center for Black Women’s Wellness (CBWW) offers low and no cost healthcare services, group health education, and community-based screening services to uninsured adults in Metropolitan Atlanta. The SNC Case Management Program will utilize a contractual registered nurse to offer support for up to 30 patients with diabetes. The major components of this program will include an initial health assessment, individual care plan, periodic evaluation and clinician feedback, home/self-monitoring techniques, healthy lifestyle behavior goals, medication adherence, and the provision of testing supplies. The goal of this project is to empower patients by ensuring that they have sustained support to adhere to their care plans and better manage their diabetes

the patient demographic profile, it is estimated that of those served 100% will be low income and uninsured or underinsured, 98% will be Black, and 80% will be adult women.

“Clarkston Community Health Center Breast Health Project” $4940 Sponsored by: Patrice Shongo, MD, Clarkston

CCHC’s Breast Health Initiative (BHI) aims to decrease the breast cancer mortality rate among uninsured, immigrant, and refugee women in DeKalb County and the surrounding region through several activities in collaboration with local organizations, volunteers, and health services partners. The program is currently near the end of the first year. Through a small grant, in partnership with Dekalb Medical Center (DMC), CCHC has been providing free mammograms and follow-up, diagnostic testing for women age 40 years and older who are patients of the clinic, or eligible women who are referred to us.  To date, the current grant provides for mammograms for 200 women.  Project goal is to reach an additional 100 women with screening mammograms by the end of 2018.  To date: CCHC has provided 163 screening mammograms through a mobile mammography unit, 22 diagnostic mammograms, 20 diagnostic ultrasounds, and 3 biopsies. The $4,940 from GHFA will provide mammograms to 52 women to achieve the goal of completing screening mammograms for 300 women by the end of 2018.

The Alliance is the philanthropic arm of the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians. Our nationally recognized Community Health Grant Program exists to support and create momentum in an area of need and provide vital funds for family physician sponsored healthcare projects across Georgia.  Since launching the program in 2012, the Alliance has awarded 50 charitable organizations more than $222,000.  The deadline to submit third cycle grant applications is July 9th. To download the application or learn more visit