Urgent: Georgia Medicaid to Revalidate 84,000 Facility & Provider Locations by September 15, 2023

The Chapter learned in late July that the Georgia Medicaid program under the Georgia Department of Community Health (DCH) has identified 84,000 facility, physician, and provider locations that were past due for revalidation. Revalidation for these locations must be completed by September 15, 2023, or the location will be suspended. The suspension will result in no payment for services provided at that location. Further, after 30 days, a new Medicaid provider enrollment application must be completed for that location to continue in the Medicaid program.

The Georgia Academy, along with the Georgia Hospital Association, the Georgia OB Gyn Society, and the Georgia Osteopathic Medical Association has sent a letter to Medicaid Commissioner Russel Carlson asking to delay the deadline from September 15 until the end of November. But until we receive a response from Medicaid leadership, please spend time validating your Medicaid eligibility. Medicaid just released a tutorial on how to revalidate – found here: https://gafp.org/wp-content/uploads/2023/08/Provider-Revaldation-Process-20230829181357.pdf

Click here to view the list of Physicians whose DCH notes are passed due for revalidation. Click here to view the list of Physician Assistants and Nurse Practitioners that DCH notes are passed due for revalidation. The complete list of all facility, physician, and other provider locations is available on the Medicaid Web Portal, GAMMIS. Under the tab Provider Information, click on Reports for Public Access and select Provider Revalidation Past Due by Provider Type to view the complete list. Please contact Gainwell at (770) 325-9600 or (800) 766-4456 for additional details or questions.