A Little Money Can Make a Strong Statement – GAFP PAC Dues Reminder

by Brian Nadolne, MD, GAFP PAC Board Chair

In the mail you should have received your PAC Dues reminder.  As you know, the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians is the only association in the state dedicated to advocating for our profession and patients.  As all politics are “local” so is healthcare.  We are in the throes of a huge upheaval in health care and health care payment.  We need to be able to support legislators throughout our state.  If every active member donated a minimum of $180, we would become the largest Political Action Committee in the state – outstripping many other entities that do not have the best interest of our patients when they seek to make legislative changes.

The GAFP PAC is non partisan and gives to legislators who are supportive of family medicine and our patients.  If you tossed the invoice away, please rethink your decision and financially support our advocacy efforts by clicking here to donate online:   https://gafp.org/pac/