Medicaid Enrolled Physician? Check this List and Revalidate Before September 15

Georgia Medicaid recently updated its list of clinicians and facilities that must revalidate to continue to be paid. This list was updated on September 2. The GAFP is posting this list (physicians only) for your convenience. If you are on this list, please take the time to revalidate before September 15, 2023. After the deadline, your claims will not be paid.

Medicaid just released a tutorial on how to revalidate.

Upon successfully completing the revalidation process, your suspension will be lifted. However, your effective date will be the date that you submit your revalidation application. Retro-enrollment is NOT applicable in this instance. Should you fail to revalidate your enrollment within 30 days of receipt of the suspension letter, you will receive a notice of termination from DCH. The notice of termination will outline your appeal rights.

Providers may also contact Gainwell Technologies for assistance at 800-766-4456.