Medicare Update-GAFP Leader Attended Carrier Advisory Meeting By Jairaj Goberdhan, MD

I recently attended the Cahaba Medicare Carrier Advisory Committee meeting.  Cahaba has been a Medicare contractor since the program began in 1966 and processes all of the claims for Georgia.  They hold 3-4 meetings a year with physician leaders to obtain feedback and initiate discussion on the gamut of Medicare activities.

The following information is offered as an aid in your Medicare billing:

Advance care planning //end-of-life discussion code 99497 or 99498 can be billed on the same day as an E /M code CR 9403 HIV screen. Medicare will pay for screen. HCPCS.G 0475. It is important to remember that if you receive a letter from Cahaba, you have 45 days to respond.

I appreciate the opportunity to represent Georgia’s family physicians in this meeting focused on Medicare.