Member Access to March Board Minutes and Leadership Decisions

In an effort to keep GAFP members more informed of Board decisions, the Executive Committee formed a small working group to discuss ways to keep members more informed of leadership decisions.  The Working Group presented at the March Board meeting a suggestion of more rapid review and electronic approval of the Board minutes so that members can have access to the Board minutes within the following month after the meeting rather than after the following Board meeting which can be 60-95 days.

Major activities tend to be reported in our newsletter, but this will be a more streamlined way for members to keep track of leadership decisions, adherence to the GAFP mission and strategic plan.  If you are interested in obtaining a copy of the GAFP Board minutes, please contact the staff by email at  Only GAFP members have the privilege to review the GAFP’s Board of Director’s minutes.

President Wayne Hoffman, MD would like to thank the Working Group members which include Drs. Loy “Chip” Cowart (Speaker – Congress of Delegates) and Jeff Stone (GAFP Treasurer).