Mercer University-Macon hosts Suture Clinic

Mercer University School of Medicine’s Family Medicine Interest Group (FMIG) in Macon, under Faculty Advisor Dr. Harry Strothers, hosted a Suture Clinic for forty first and second year medical students with the support of upper level students, Family Medicine Department staff, and Navicent Family Medicine Residents and Faculty.  First and second year students learned the basics of using a scalpel and correct technique for stitching basic wounds.  Given the event’s popularity, Mercer Family Medicine Department used a points system to select participates. Students applied for a spot using a Google form. The event was made possible through AAFP and GAFP funding and support.

Third Year Medical Students:

Katie Rhoades

Sebastian Hyman

Deanna Joe

Fourth Year Medical Students:

T.J. Bergman


Sarah Choo-Yick, MD

Shayan Zafrani, MD


Hugh McLaurin, MD

Harry Strothers, MD

Patrick Roche, MD

David Burtner, MD