Did You Miss our Public Health Webinars in May? Check Out the Recorded Webinars on the GAFP Website

Through a partnership with the Georgia Department of Public Health, GAFP offered two webinars on Infant Oral Health and Health Care Transition. Both webinars were recorded and are now available to view on the GAFP website at https://gafp.org/education/webinars/. You can see objectives and speaker information for each webinar below!

Out of the Mouths of Babes – How Family Physicians Can Ease the Child Dental Crisis in Georgia

This program is presented by Carol Johnson Smith, RDH, MSHA, Director, Oral Health Program for Georgia. Carol manages surveillance for the program and she developed a Georgia Oral Health Coalition with 7 Coalition Regional Boards and recently obtained 501c3 status for the Coalitions.

Webinar Objectives

  • Explain why primary teeth are important
  • Encourage that patients brush teeth regularly with a smear of fluoridated toothpaste
  • Encourage regular dental visits
  • Outline proper dietary habits
  • Educate parents about good oral health habits for them and their children

Adult Disability Medical Home (ADMH) – Transitioning from pediatric to adult healthcare

This program is presented by JEFFREY REZNIK, MD and ANDREA VIDELEFSKY, MD. 

Dr. Reznik is a partner with Urban Family Practice Associates, Medical Co Director of the Adult Disability Medical Home. He is a member of Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group and a Family Physician Champion for Health Care Transition. Jeff has special interests in treating patients with special needs and their families and has expertise in the areas of cerebral palsy, Down syndrome and autism.

Dr. Videlefsky is a Family Practice Physician of Urban Family Associates, an active member of Down Syndrome Medical Interest Group and serves as a Family Physician Champion for Health Care Transition. She is dedicated to serving patients through the patient-centered medical home model. She has a special interest and expertise in treating teens and adults with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

Webinar Objectives:

  • Strategies for transitioning patients to the adult care system
  • Information about a best practice model of the Patient Centered Medical Home which places the needs of patients at the center of healthcare services.
  • Holistic approach to care for patients transitioning to adult services with respect to health, wellness, living and recreational options.
  • Strategies for a medical partnership