National Award Given to GAFP Member

A hearty congratulations to Dr. Michael Obiekwe, who won the American Academy of Family Physician’s 2015 Humanitarian Award.  Earlier this year, the GAFP nominated Dr. Obiekwe, MD for this prestigious award.  Dr. Obiekwe plans to attend the awards ceremony at the AAFP Congress of Delegates in Denver in September, but, in an ironic twist of fate, will have to cut short a mission trip to Zimbabwe and South Africa in order to attend.

According to Dr. Robert Wergin, AAFP President, “Dr. Obiekwe’s work through his nonprofit organization, Arms of Care International ( which provides free medical services to poor, homeless and displaced people, is an inspiration. In particular, medical missions to countries including Nigeria, Liberia,Zimbabwe, and the Philippines have carried out Arms of Care’s mission of touching lives, one heart at a time.  The (AAFP) Board commends him for his bold and tireless leadership of projects that improve the lives of so many people in need, such as establishing computer literacy programs in two high schools in Zimbabwe and providing access to clean water to an Ati community in the Philippines.”

Dr. Obiekwe, we at the GAFP commend you!