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AAFP supports CPC+ testing initiative proposed by CMS

The AAFP expressed support for the Comprehensive Primary Care Plus test model proposed by the CMS. The five-year initiative, set to begin in January 2017, is designed to improve delivery of primary care and could include some 20,000 physicians and health care professionals. The AAFP will provide information about the CPC+ test initiative to physicians as it becomes available.

AAFP News (4/13)

AAFP among groups pushing Congress to approve Zika funding

The AAFP joined dozens of other health care organizations in signing a letter to congressional leaders urging them to provide immediate emergency supplemental funding so the US can prepare to deal with the Zika virus. The letter said immediate action may help slow the spread of the virus and cautioned that failure to act may lead to an increase in the number of newborns with debilitating birth defects.

AAFP News (4/12)

MedPAC: Primary care is under-valued, needs more support

The Medicare Payment Advisory Commission said it is concerned that fee-for-service physician payments undervalue primary care and overvalue specialty care. MedPAC’s annual report called on Congress to increase 2017 payment rates for physicians as the law requires and noted the growth rate for primary care physicians is keeping pace with the Medicare population.

AAFP News (4/12)