Participate in Brief Survey of Primary Care Teams with Occupational Therapists

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My name is Jacquelyn P. Nash, and I am a doctoral occupational therapy student at Russell Sage College in New York. For my thesis, I am working with researchers at Arizona State University and Russell Sage College to understand primary care physicians’ thoughts on the integration of an occupational therapist (OT) into the primary care team. An OT on the primary care team can help address patient issues, such as symptom management and preventive health concerns, that do not need a physician’s diagnostic expertise. This IRB-approved study uses a very brief survey to gather data from all primary care physicians. 

The information gathered from this survey will help us discover the issues impeding the full inclusion of an OT as a member of the interdisciplinary primary care team. Once the issues are determined, there will be more direction on how to incorporate occupational therapists into the primary care setting. The survey only takes approximately four minutes to complete.

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Jacquelyn P. Nash, Occupational Therapy Doctorate Student, Russell Sage College

Under the guidance of Debra Collette, OTD OTR/L, Associate Professor and Program Director, Russell Sage College, and Sue Dahl-Popolizio, DBH, OTR/L, Program Director, Integrated Behavioral Health Program, Clinical Associate Professor, Arizona State University,