Public Health Spotlight: Please Complete this Developmental Screening Survey from DPH

The Georgia Department of Public Health in partnership with the Georgia Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics and the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians has developed the following survey to help us better understand  developmental screening practices in the State of Georgia.  We will use this information to develop and provide additional education, training, and support for pediatric primary care physicians and their staff.

You can access the survey at the following link:

The survey will ask about your experiences with the identification and referral of children less than 36 months of age who have or are at risk for developing motor, language, cognitive, social, behavioral or emotional delays in your primary practice setting (i.e., the practice where you spend most of your time).

The questions are for physicians who provide health supervision (i.e., preventive care) to children less than 36 months of age. If you do NOT provide health supervision to children less than 36 months of age, please answer questions 1 through 8.

Please note that some questions are about developmental delays, some about autism, and some about developmental delays including autism. For the purposes of this survey, a screening tool is defined as a short, structured test to identify children at risk for cognitive, motor, communication, or social-emotional developmental delays. The term “EHR” refers to electronic health record, and the term “EMR” refers to the electronic medical record.

Thank you for your participation!