ABFM’s New Alternative to the One-Day Exam Requirement

The Family Medicine Certification Longitudinal Assessment (FMCLA) is the alternative to the one-day examination requirement for Family Medicine Certification. Launched in December 2018 as a pilot to study the feasibility and validity of this approach, FMCLA quickly earned an overwhelmingly positive reputation as the preferred option for most Diplomates and was approved for permanent implementation in April of 2021.

A longitudinal approach like FMCLA promotes enduring learning and retention. This has been endorsed by those who participated, with the predominant feedback being that physicians are learning as they go. Participants have also reported that FMCLA has reduced their stress, eliminated travel, and minimized preparation time as compared to the one-day examination. To date, over 70% of eligible physicians have chosen the FMCLA option, which becomes available for current Diplomates to select in the year prior to when their next examination is due.

As a participating physician, they would complete 25 quarterly questions over three to four years until they complete 300 questions. Clinical references can be used during the exam, and they have five minutes to complete each question. Immediate feedback is provided, and they choose the time and location that’s convenient for them. They will remain certified throughout their participation as long as they meet other ABFM requirements.

To find out more about the FMCLA process, watch the new video on Youtube or access an informational handout on the ABFM website.

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