#StopAFIBinGA – Georgia’s Family Physicians Launch AFIB Social Media Awareness Campaign

The Georgia Academy is launching a twitter war against strokes and atrial fibrillation and we ask that you join in the fun! The GAFP’s twitter account @gafamilydocs will be tweeting out reminders for patients and clinicians related to AFIB and stroke awareness on the 5th, 15th, and 25th of the month for the next year.

Join twitter (it’s easy and fun) and help us outreach to thousands of Georgians who are unaware of their cardiac, stroke and atrial fibrillation risk. The GAFP thanks Pfizer in their support to #StopAFIBinGA

Upcoming Tweets:


  • May is National Stroke Awareness Month. Did you know 10% of all strokes are from#AtrialFibrillation? #StrokeMonth #StopAFIBinGA @natlstrokeassoc @wsbtv
  • Know the signs: unhealthy eating, smoking, drinking & lack of exercise are #stroke risk factors you can control. #StrokeMonth #StopAFIBinGA
  • #AtrialFibrillation is a leading cause of strokes, but most #afib patients don’t know they are at risk. #StrokeMonth #StopAFIBinGA @natlsrokeassoc