Tar Wars Star: Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition (NWCC)

The GHFA staff would like to recognize the amazing team at the Northwest Georgia Regional Cancer Coalition (NWCC) as our inaugural Tar Wars Star Partner!  A few weeks ago, we were able to sit down with Erin Hernandez, NWCC President/CEO and Lauren McClendon, NWCC Tobacco Education Coordinator, to hear about how their organization is positively impacting the health of the communities in their 15-county footprint. 

The mission of the NWCC is to reduce the burden of cancer for Northwest Georgians by providing prevention and education programs, improving access to care, early detection and screenings, and promoting quality and excellence in cancer care.  As part of this mission, the NWCC uses the Tar Wars curriculum to educate elementary students in their service area on the dangers and health risks associated with tobacco, nicotine and vape use. 

Lauren McClendon has formed valuable relationships with many of the local schools in and around Rome and consistently provides Tar Wars Education throughout the school year to thousands of students, helping them understand why they should never start using tobacco and nicotine products.  She even shared with us that her calendar is already booked for Tar Wars presentations for this fall.  Lauren also educates older students and adults in the community on cessation and even developed a program on how to quit using a combination of therapy and technology.  Great job, Lauren!

We are proud and honored to be able to partner with this impactful organization and help resource and support them to achieve the goal of reducing tobacco, nicotine and vape use in Northwest Georgia.

NWCC, you truly are a Tar Wars Star!

To learn more about the NWCC, please visit their website:  www.nwgacancer.org