GHFA Alliance Gets a Fundraising Refresher from Pride Philanthropy

Dr. Mitzi Rubin, current president of the Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA), joined GHFA Philanthropy Director Alexis Klima at the Pride Philanthropy Academy in Jacksonville, Florida on January 24-27.

Dr. Rubin and Alexis worked on 2023 fundraising strategies for the Foundation, specifically in the areas of major gifts, and donor stewardship and retention.

“Participating in the Pride Philanthropy training has been a truly remarkable experience. Seeing the ‘ask’ in action and learning how to connect the donor to the organization’s mission is vital, and a skill I will use in my role as President,” said Dr. Rubin.

Pride Philanthropy is a fundraising consultant firm that helps nonprofits maximize their fundraising revenue so they have a greater impact for their mission. GHFA has been partnering with Pride Philanthropy since 2017.

“Pride Philanthropy took a chance on us. They supported our launch of the Giving is Great Medicine capital campaign that helps us provide support to communities in need around the state. They have successfully educated our leaders, assisted with hiring staff, and provided one-on-one guidance on how to encourage our members and donors to participate in our campaign,” said GHFA Executive Director Fay Fulton. 

Pride Philanthropy works with nonprofit organizations from all over the country and a benefit to attending the academies is learning from other health care nonprofits about what has worked and what hasn’t worked for them in their fundraising strategies.

The mission of the Georgia Healthy Family Alliance is to serve the people of Georgia by enhancing their well-being through educational and outreach programs that promote healthy practices consistent with the principles of family medicine.

If you have questions or wish to donate, please contact Alexis Klima at or Kara Sinkule at