The Future of Primary Care – A Virtual Presentation by Privia Health


The GAFP has partnered with Privia Health during our Virtual Summer CME Meeting to present strategies that family physicians can develop and adapt in their approach to managing patients and practice operations in the wake of COVID-19.

This virtual presentation focuses on what it will take to align priorities away from the status quo and put the doctor-patient relationship back at the center of the healthcare delivery system. Privia will discuss the importance of partnerships to combat unforeseen shifts and capture optimal rewards through the diversification of revenue streams in Fee For Service Arrangements, Value-Based Care Programs, Government Programs, etc. With new legislation underway and an increased demand for technological care solutions, physicians should not have to learn how to navigate this system alone.

Privia looks forward to sharing best practices on how they are successfully putting doctors back in the driver’s seat.

Click here to register for the GAFP Virtual Summer CME meeting, June 6th from 7 am – 5pm.