Using Blood Pressure Protocol to Achieve Goals

Million Hearts® has promoted the use of an evidence-based Blood Pressure Protocol as an effective tool for improving blood pressure control among members of the healthcare team, providers, and health care systems.  The current Blood Pressure Protocol was developed by a group of stakeholders that recognized the use of protocols held the key to success for blood pressure control.

Advantages to adoption of a Blood Pressure Protocol include, but not limited to, the following: 

§  Consistency in management of blood pressure by the care team

§  Plan for escalation of therapy

§  Allowing team members to practice at their highest level of their license

§  Ability to audit and obtain feedback from the healthcare team

§  Ability to use audit data in quality improvement projects

§  Celebrate early wins

Clinicians are encouraged to consider adoption of a Blood Pressure Protocol to provide education to their care team and their patients and enhance the patient involvement as part of the healthcare team.  For ease of development, Million Hearts® has a Blood Pressure Protocol available that can be customized with local formulary medications, staff roles and adding the Practice name at: