What Family Physicians Need to Know on Medicaid/PeachCare for Kids Redetermination

As Georgia nears the six-month mark of Medicaid/PeachCare for Kids® redetermination, your efforts to help spread the word in your community remain just as critical as they were in the beginning.

Together, we must continue working to help ensure that all eligible members know what to do to retain their health care coverage.

Here are a few ways you can continue to support Georgia’s redetermination efforts:

  1. Make sure that your Medicaid patients know they should turn in their paperwork, even if they are late or think they may not be eligible for coverage.
    • Patients have up to 90 days after their redetermination date to turn in their paperwork.
    • If a patient is no longer eligible for Medicaid, they may be eligible for other kinds of assistance, like the new Pathways to CoverageTM
  2. Share educational tools and resources from ga.gov.
    • Share the new instructional videos or present updated PowerPoint to your patients or community groups.
    • Print materials to hand out at events or keep in your waiting room or patient exam rooms. And don’t forget – materials are available in multiple languages!
    • Link to ga.gov in a prominent place on your practice’s website.

Want to keep up with how redetermination is going? You can visit Georgia’s Medicaid Redetermination Dashboard to view CMS reports, press releases, and other information about the campaign’s status.

Thank you for your dedication to helping Georgians “Stay Informed” and “Stay Covered” during redetermination.