Board of Directors

Board and Committee Leadership

Championing the Georgia Academy of Family Physicians’ (GAFP) advancement of family medicine are physician leaders who inspire and mount initiatives, education, resources, and advocacy efforts in service to fellow physicians and Georgia families.

2023 GAFP Board of Directors
GAFP Board Position Member City Term Expires
Chair Susana Alfonso, MD Atlanta 2023
President Sharon Rabinovitz, MD Atlanta 2023
Vice President Michael Satchell, MD Albany 2023
President-Elect Samuel “Le” Church, MD Hiawasee 2023
Secretary Michael Busman, MD Americus 2025
Treasurer John Vu, MD Griffin 2023
Speaker Monica Newton, DO Gainesville 2023
Vice Speaker Ellie Daniels, MD Atlanta 2023
Director, District 1 Sherma Peter, MD Sylvania 2023
Director, District 2 Michael Sein, MD Albany 2024
Director, District 3 Alice House, MD Midland 2024
Director, District 4 Carmen Echols, MD Conyers 2024
Director, District 5 Paul Chukelu, MD Mableton 2025
Director, District 6 Steve Wilson, MD Warner Robins 2023
Director, District 7 Pam Obi, MD Rome 2023
Director, District 8 Jonathan Wade, DO Nashville 2025
Director, District 9 Nkikura Udejiofore, MD Woodstock 2024
Director, District 10 C. Judson Pickett, MD Augusta 2024
Director, District 11 Daniel Feckoury, MD Atlanta 2024
Alternate Director, District 1 Angie Gerguis, MD Statesboro 2025
Alternate Director, District 2 Shaun Franklin, MD Albany 2025
Alternate Director, District 3 Dan Singleton, MD Buena Vista 2024
Alternate Director, District 4 Casey Henritz, DO Atlanta 2025
Alternate Director, District 5 Cedrice Davis, MD Marietta 2025
Alternate Director, District 6 Monique Davis-Smith, MD Macon 2023
Alternate Director, District 7 Christina Douglass, MD Armuchee 2023
Alternate Director, District 8 Richard Wheeler, MD Nashville 2025
Alternate Director, District 9 Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, MD Gainesville 2025
Alternate Director, District 10 Michelle Mason-Woodard, MD Lincolnton 2024
Alternate Director, District 11 D’Amico Johnson McDonough 2025
Resident Director Nijah Burris, MD – Morehouse Atlanta 2023
Resident Director Shantrice Appleby, MD – Morehouse Scottdale 2023
Resident Alt. Director Teresa Colon-Asumu, MD – Emory Atlanta 2023, 2024
Resident Alt. Director Sydey Koenig, MD – Memorial Health, Savannah Savannah 2023
Student Director Katie Lively, MCG, Southwest Albany 2023
Student Director Michael Brackett, MCG Augusta 2023
Student Director Zachary Harrison, MCG Augusta 2023
Student Alt. Director Shant Ohanian, MCG, Athens Athens 2023
Student Alt. Director Amanda Lilley, MCG Athens 2023
Student Alt. Director Tucker Hickox, MCG, Athens Clayton 2023
AAFP Delegate Angeline Ti, MD Atlanta 2024
AAFP Delegate Mitch Cook, DO Athens 2023
AAFP Alternate Delegate John Gerguis, MD Statesboro 2024
AAFP Alternate Delegate Beverley Ann Townsend, MD Columbus 2023