Family Medicine Advocacy

The Georgia Academy of Family Physicians’ (GAFP) advocacy work is an ongoing crusade to protect and defend the specialty of family medicine and its role in the health and well being of Georgia citizens.   The GAFP is a watchdog of state and local government legislation and an expert on the ever-changing federally-mandated healthcare landscape.

Helmed by the Legislative Committee and the Political Action Committee (PAC) Board, GAFP’s advocacy efforts aim to revitalize and rescue family medicine from unfair reimbursements, unexpected reforms and unresolved challenges affecting care delivery.

Political Action Committee (PAC) Board Supports candidates who are sympathetic to the cause of promoting quality healthcare and family medicine in Georgia. GAFP PAC is nonpartisan and provides education to all who seek public office.  A candidate’s commitment to the values of family medicine determines the support from the GAFP PAC.
Chair: Donald Fordham, MD
Vice-Chair: Monica Newton, DO

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State Federal Medicare/Medicaid

Patients’ access to care is hanging in the balance.  Lost in this quagmire called healthcare reform, family medicine needs to regain its strength as the glue to preventive patient care.  If we are free to practice without constraints, we are free to provide patient care that ultimately saves the American people billions of dollars and countless lives.

Have an Insurance issue?  Submit your complaint directly to the GA Department of Insurance

The GAFP’s Congress of Delegates supports policy for fair insurance payment.  Physicians and their business staff can submit complaints to the Georgia Department of Insurance by clicking the following link.