ALL MEMBER NOTICE!!  You’re Invited! Congress of Delegates First Session Webinar/Conference Call

October 17th – 6:00pm

GAFP Members – Join the Discussion

The first meeting of the Congress of Delegates will be via conference call / webinar on Thursday, October 17, at 6 pm. All members are invited and encouraged to attend. The call-in number is 1-800-791-2345, participate code #76232. There will also be the ability to view the webinar via this link: Congress of Delegates: 1st Session.

Members are invited to speak to resolutions of interest or concern to you. Final 2019 resolutions will be available Friday, October 11 on the GAFP website.

The second session of the Congress of Delegates will be from 8 am until 12:30 pm on Saturday, November 16, at the GAFP Annual Meeting at the Evergreen Marriott Conference Resort in Stone Mountain, GA.  The second session is where final discussion and voting occurs. COD delegates can speak and vote for your district during the second session. Below is the current list of delegates.


2019 District Delegates as of 10/7/19

Speaker: Carl McCurdy, MD, FAAFP

Vice Speaker: Samuel “Le” Church, MD, MPH, FAAFP


District 1 Delegates

Loy “Chip” Cowart, MD

Mah-Fri Fomukong, MD

Angela Gerguis, MD

Peter Rives, MD


District 2 Delegates

Mike Busman, MD

Zita Magloire, MD

Laura Guadiana-Sanchez, MD

Michael Satchell, MD

District 3 Delegates

Donald Griffin, MD

Alice House, MD

Shika Shah, MD

Jagdish Shukla, MD

Michael Sims, MD

Daniel Singleton, MD


District 3 Alternates

Joy Adegbile, MD

Shawnte Hall-Kraft, MD

Beulette Hooks, MD

Beverley Ann Townsend, MD


District 4 Delegates

Andrea Andrews, MD

Jody Bahnmiller-Brasil, MD

Amy Bailey, MD

Emily Herndon, MD

Hira Kohli, MD

Monica Parker, MD

Vera Reaves, MD

James Short, MD

Tina Ann Thompson, MD


District 5 Delegates

Shameeka Hunt-McElhaney, MD

Allison Key, MD

Carolyn Smallwood, DO

Irshad Syed, MD


District 6 Delegates

Tameka Byrd, DO, MPH

Monique Davis-Smith, MD

Sandhya Ramayya, MD

Eddie Richardson, MD

Bert Wall, MD

Brandan Wormsbacher, MD


District 7 Delegates

Kelly Culbertson, MD

Christina Douglass, MD

Pamela Obi, MD

Leonard Reeves, MD

Stephanie Stutz, DO


District 8 Delegates

Thomas Fausett, MD

Jay Floyd, MD

Richard Wheeler, MD


District 8 Alternates

Jairaj Goberdhan, MD

District 9 Delegates

Philip Kimsey, MD

Monica Newton, DO, MPH

Nkiruka Udejiofor, MD


District 10 Delegates

Edward Agabin, MD

Julie Dahl-Smith, DO

Jacqueline DuBose, MD

Joseph Hobbs, MD

Stalina Gowdie, MD


District 11 Delegates

Susana Alfonso, MD

Marva Ayers, MD

Teresa Beck, MD

Michelle Cooke, MD

Kim Eubanks, MD

Wanda Gumbs, MD

Riba Kelsey-Harris, MD

Hogai Nassery, MD

Jun Ro, MD


Resident Delegates:

Babatunde Ajibola, MD

Oluwole Akintayo, MD

Tarah Henderson, MD

Julie Kostanjevec, MD

Philomise Moncion, MD

Jemese Richards-Boyd, MD


Student Delegates:

Chinomnso Ekeke – Morehouse

Caleb Swindell – Mercer University

Catherine Waldron – Memorial Health