Resident Officer Positions – GAFP Board for 2016

Nominations Open for Family Medicine Resident Board Positions

Deadline is December 4, 2015

Email Voting from December 7-18, 2015

GAFP has exciting opportunities for Resident members to participate in board leaderships activities in 2016 for a total of 4 positions.

Background on Positions:

  • Georgia Healthy Family Alliance Board of Directors – 1 position for 2016

The Georgia Healthy Family Alliance (GHFA) has an open position for one new resident board member for a two-year term.

The new Resident Board Member will serve as an Alliance Trustee and act as a liaison for their peers regarding GHFA projects including:

1. The Community Health Grant Program – A program that awards grants (up to $3,000) to GAFP member affiliated projects addressing health care needs in communities throughout Georgia.

2. Tar Wars – a tobacco education program presented to more than 3,000 fourth and fifth graders in Georgia during last school year.

All resident Board members are encouraged to attend each of the four GHFA meetings in 2016. Travel expenses for the GHFA Resident Board members will be covered at the same rate as GAFP Resident Board members.   The GHFA Board of Trustees will select one candidate from those that nominate themselves for this position.  Travel stipends will be given out to the resident GHFA Trustees.

2016 GHFA Board Meetings will be held:  

March 5, 2016 – Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain

June 7, 2016 Conference Call Board Meeting

August 6, 2016 – Legacy Lake Lanier, Buford

November 12, 2016 GAFP Scientific Assembly – Atlanta

  • GAFP Board of Directors

As stated in the 2015 GAFP Bylaws:  There shall be two (2) resident representatives elected by the Board of Representatives of the resident component chapter for the GAFP and shall have full voting privileges on the GAFP Board of Directors. One resident will serve two years and one will serve one year, with a corresponding number of alternate representatives elected annually. The resident alternate director shall be elected by the GAFP resident members. If the director’s position becomes vacant, a resident alternate is eligible to serve the remainder of the unexpired term.

Therefore, for 2016, we have three openings:  two Resident Alternate positions (one for a 1-year term and one for a 2-year term), one Resident Director position and one GHFA resident position. Dr. Jordan Knoefler will serve as a Resident Board Director for 2016.  The candidate with the most votes will become the new resident board director, the candidate in second place will become the resident alternate director, and finally the candidate with the most votes following will become the alternate board director serving a one year term.

List of 2015 Resident Board Officers:

Resident Director             Phil Carter, MD

Resident Director             Danielle DonDiego, DO

Resident Alt. Director     Jordan Knoefler, MD

Resident Alt. Director     Chetan Patel, MD

As a board member, your main duties are to be in close contact with your peers and report back to the Board when we meet four times a year.

Additionally, many of your travel expenses will be covered (see below).

Prior to each Board meeting, staff will contact you and ask for a written report to be included in the Board agenda. During the meeting, you will have five minutes (or longer if you have an action item) to discuss current activities. If you have an idea or suggestion that requires Board action, staff will assist you with your motion.

We encourage all four of the resident representatives to attend each meeting.

New Board Attendance Policy:

Each district has a voting seat, AAFP delegates and residents both have two and the medical students have three.  There is currently an alternate seat for each of these positions and representation for each position or district should occur at each Board meeting.  The other can optionally attend or not attend without being charged with an unexcused absence.

If neither are in attendance (excluding the approval of an excused absence*), then they will both receive an unexcused absence for that meeting.  However, if either (one) delegate is in attendance, then neither will receive an unexcused absence for that meeting.

*Excused Absences for Board Meetings

Excused absences include emergency illness/funeral of a close family member or if a Board member must miss a GAFP Board meeting due to a conflict if representing the GAFP or AAFP at another meeting.  Absences and excused absences would be reflected in the minutes.

It is up to each director and alternate to contact each other to determine who will attend each Board meeting.

In addition, the Board of Directors voted in November to allow each Board member to attend one CME meeting per year for free if registered by the early bird deadline.  You may choose from the Summer CME weekend or the Annual Meeting in November.

2016 Board Meetings:

Sunday, March 6, 2016 – Callaway Gardens, Pine Mountain, GA

Saturday, June 11, 2016 – Omni Hilton Head Oceanfront Resort, Hilton Head Island, SC

July 28-30, 2016 – Kansas City, MO- AAFP National Conference of Family Medicine Residents and Medical Students

The GAFP will pay two scholarships each of $599 to cover expenses for two resident and two student Board members (invitation to participate will be emailed in the spring).

Sunday, August 7, 2016 – Legacy Lake Lanier, Buford, GA

Thursday or Friday, November 10 or 11, 2016 – Atlanta

Travel stipends available subject to the following:

Comp registration to GAFP Annual Meeting OR Summer CME Weekend (Committee Conclaves have no registration fee), mileage (subject to standard IRS rate, currently $.575), and one night’s accommodation at GAFP hotel block room rate.  Incidentals, including wireless, parking, or meals (other than those served during GAFP functions at no charge) are at your own expense.

If you are interested in being nominated – please fill out the form below and e-mail it to no later than December 4, 2015.  Thank you!


Resident Board Position: Nomination Form for 2016

Position Applying for:  GHFA or GAFP

Name: ______________________________________________________________

Program: ____________________________________________________________

E-mail: ______________________________________________________________

Which Year in Program:


List any current leadership activities:


If elected, how many of the meetings can you attend?

Why are you interested in participating on the Alliance Board or GAFP Board in 2016?